As India’s first digital Venture Builder firm, Think9 leverages the deep experience, insights, and expertise of its mentors and founders to identify venture opportunities in consumer business space. The leadership team at Think9 provides further support in evolution of the brand, identity and content, development of rails for technology and operations, guide channel development on digital and physical platforms and provides best-in-class support in talent acquisition, finance, and compliance.

This arrangement allows the Venture to focus only on the core aspects of the business: product, customer, and revenue generation. The Co-Founder program at Think9 identifies and matches business leaders who can be Entrepreneurs owning and leading the business objectives, execution, and acceleration of the venture across all revenue channels.

Building digital-first ventures is fast-paced, fluid and demands a bias towards action and achievement, with nowhere to hide. Think9 endows the Co-Founders with sufficient trust, support, and significant skin-in-the-game that allows the Co-Founder to benefit equally from the rewards that emanate from a successful scale-up of a digital-first business.

At the heart of entrepreneurship is creation of a business out of an idea and an opportunity and setting it in motion. Entrepreneurship is about being able to adapt, take risks, and constantly innovate. True entrepreneurship is not just about starting a business; it's a way of thinking and approaching life." - Kishore Biyani


The qualities of Co-founder may vary depending on the specific needs and objectives of the Venture she/he leads. However, some common qualities that are sought include

Entrepreneurial Experience: The Co-Founder should have a track record of being an entrepreneur or a co-founder in startups with a sizable business. She/he should have firsthand experience in launching and growing businesses and understand the challenges and dynamics of early-stage ventures and start-ups.

Domain Expertise: Co-Founder should possess deep knowledge and expertise in a specific consumer facing business category that Think9 focuses on – food, fashion, home, beauty, and nutraceuticals. She/he must have a strong understanding of the industry trends, customer needs, and competitive landscape to identify and execute promising business opportunities.

Problem-Solving Skills: Co-Founder should excel at problem-solving and be adept at being resourceful and finding creative solutions to complex challenges by quickly identifying bottlenecks, being able to tap into their networks to find solutions, and navigate obstacles that arise during the early stages of a startup's development.

Team-Building Abilities: The Co-Founder should have proven leadership skills and the ability to build, nurture and inspire teams. She/he should be an effective communicator, collaborator, and a leader who can guide and develop the talents.

Adaptability and Resilience: New ventures face numerous challenges and uncertainties, and Co-Founders must be able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. They should be comfortable with ambiguity, resilient in the face of setbacks, and capable of adjusting strategies as needed. She/he should be committed to the mission and goals of the venture and be willing to invest their time and expertise to nurture and grow the portfolio startups at least for a period of four years, if not more.

Think9 will not acquire or invest in an existing brand or business.

All our Ventures begin their journey operating out of our offices in Mumbai and Delhi.


The ideal Co-Founder is someone who has created a new consumer-facing business - as an entrepreneur, co-founder or a member of the founding team - that crossed monthly revenues of Rs 1 crore. She/he may have even raised pre-seed/seed capital from a family office or angel investors, built a start-up on their own and are now looking for a second journey with a larger outcome.

Access to the Think9 founders and the ecosystem will save time, energy and effort that goes into building any venture from scratch. Think9 will further support the Co-Founder with the following deliverables:

Compensation: Co-Founders will be eligible for a sustenance pay of around Rs 5 lakhs per month and option to further convert this into equity at par valuation.

Seed Funding to the Venture: Think9 and/or its affiliates will provide Rs 5 crore of seed funding in the entity to cover for pre-opex costs of the Venture and for business operations for the first few months after its launch. The Co-Founder can raise an additional Rs 5 crore from external sources at a minimum pre-money valuation of Rs 30 crore.

Equity for Co-Founders: Co-Founders will be granted shares equivalent to 20% stake in the Venture. These shares will be locked-in with a reverse vesting. The Co-Founder will be eligible to get 10% stake at the end of 2 years of their engagement. The remaining 10% stake will be un-locked at the end of 4 years or when the Venture raises equity capital at a minimum pre-money valuation of $10 million / Rs 80 crore, whichever is earlier.

Building digital-first ventures is fast-paced, fluid and demands a bias towards action and achievement, with nowhere to hide.